As a Civil Contractor, we undertake the entire construction activity. During actual construction, we manage the day to day activity on the job, including safety, quality control and adherence to the schedule.

Building Construction

M.S Steel bar and
Shuttering work


Rebaring and
Column Jacketing

Painting Works

3D Flooring

Metallic Flooring

Plaster Work and
Reinforcement, Tiles

Drip irrigation and
earth works

Fabrication Works


Epoxy Flooring and Epoxy Coating

Epoxy flooring is a cost effective and used extensively for providing clean as well as pleasant look at surface being solvent-free its environmental and health friendly, can be used in pharmaceuticals, Food industries, Automobile industries, Electrical industries as well Innovative formulated materials ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Acid proof tile lining

Acid Proof tiles lining comes in quality constitution finish and provides for superior resistance against chemicals like strong acids, alkalis, oils, solvents. Further, these bricks lining material provides for high usage effectiveness and can handle temperature up to 1700◦C.

Epoxy Coving

Coving is an epoxy mortar installed to the wall and floor junction to create a radius, which is seamlessly incorporated into the floor system that has been applied. This prevents bacteria from harboring in the wall and floor junction.

PU Flooring, PU Concrete, PU Coating

PU concrete is mostly used for floor and surfaces that are subject to particularly high stress and therefore have to withstand a lot. The floor coverings also are known as polyurethane concrete or polyurethane Eton, are not only particularly resistant to physical and mechanical influences and abrasion, but also to chemicals and temperature fluctuations result from the combination of mineral components (concrete).

Car Parking Flooring

Car Parking flooring that designs environmentally sustainable and is able to enhance visual appearance, sharpen light reflectively and to prevent water ingress into any car parking structure.

Temperature Reducing coating

Temperature reducing coating provides the capability to monitor the real-time temperature of the coatings blades, stationary vanes, and outer air seals without the need for contact with the parts.

Anti-Statics Flooring

Anti-statics refers to a very specific electrical resistance range of between 10 and 10 to the 11 and only means that the slower itself will not generate statics. It does not mean that the floor will eliminate statics build-up or dissipate statics that may have already built up to the body. This can only be achieved with a conductive.

Water proof coating &
Membrane sheet pasting

Waterproofing is the process of making marking an object or structure waterproof or water-resistant so that it remains relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions. Such items may be used in wet environments or underwater to specified depths.

FRP & RESIN Coating

Heavy application segments for epoxy and resins are likely to drive the industry demand. Moreover, increased wind energy capacity installation has also fueled the demand for epoxy and Resins.

Structure work-Application of all type of industrial painting as Like PU Paint,
Epoxy Paint, Anti-corrosion paints.

Paints are devised for protecting metal surface, it is broadly believed and also misunderstood that all oil based paints are anti-corrosive paints

We have all type of calibrated machines which makes our works better.



Air blower


Floor Grinding Machine

Epoxy Spike Shoes

Hand mixing machine

Drip Agency